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Hi, I wish you could step into my shoes just for a week. You would be heart-broken because of the way sickness devastates so many lives every day. What do you say about a thirty-eight year’s old man whose sickness became life-threatening after trying all he could to be treated? The most painful part of it is that he ran series of test, took different medications even visited many spiritualists and religious houses yet instead of getting better he goes from bad to worst. This is not the issue of negligence, ignorance or lack of money according to the young man which he believes could have be the reason for his worsening condition. This is a man who never want health issues to prevent him from enjoying his life, a man who really understand the saying that HEALTH IS WEALTH and therefore run medical check-ups at interval to make sure he stays in good health, yet the issue that started with malaria and typhoid based on what he was told by his a doctor progressively turned to life-threatening complications according to the man. What can you say about that? What else could be the cause his worsening condition? If you are in similar condition please take your time to read further.  

Number 1 reason for worsening condition is wrong diagnosis, 2 Antibiotic resistance, there are other factors like fake medications, what you eat, what you use, what you drink, etc but wrong diagnosis and antibiotic resistance are the major factor. Antibiotic resistance is a condition in which microbes in your body such as bacteria builds a defense against antibiotic drugs that is used to treat them, thereby making it possible for the bacteria to keep growing which may also cause other medications not to work. Antibiotic resistance is one of the causative factors of worsening condition that many people have no knowledge about. Center for disease control USA states that, more than 2.8 million Americans are infected with antibiotic resistant every year while over 35,000 people die as a result it every year.

    1. Wrong diagnosis, H pillory for instance, many people keep treating ulcer because their test result reads h pillory yet instead of getting better their condition keep getting worse. You know why? Because they don’t have ulcer, though they might have ulcer symptoms yet they don’t have ulcer and that is because there are other health conditions that have the same symptoms as ulcer. As a matter of fact majority of people infected with H pillory don’t have ulcer, so if you have been taking ulcer medications for 1 to two months and yet your symptoms continues then ulcer is not what you suffering from, and please seek for right diagnosis before it is too late. Wrong diagnosis have actually cause more harm than good in health care sector globally.

    According to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 12 million Americans suffer from wrong diagnosis every year while over 100,000 die or are permanently disabled every year due to diagnostic error. Can you believe that? These are no stories they are very common occurrences these days like the case of the young man I said which is one out of many people we have saved.


    So the reason why that your sickness keeps coming back, you are fine this week, next week or month you are sick again, and this time more severe than before, it goes and comes back, from bad to worst even after running series of test and taking different medications is because the root cause of it has not been detected. It doesn’t matter different types of test you have ran or medication you have taken, if the root cause of the issue is not detected you will keep spending money causing more harm to yourself. The truth is that what you don’t know, you don’t know and it will either kill you or save you and my mission here is to let what you don’t know save you. As holistic physicians we consider antibiotic resistant and other factors while diagnosing a person because we know that finding out the root cause of an issue is the foundation in which effective treatment can be realized. Accurate diagnosis is our driving factor, so no matter the kind of sickness you are suffering from, it must be detected at vine health clinic and your result will be analyzed and explained to you in a way that you will understand your issue and what exactly is the root cause of it.

    Perhaps after your result you still think of how to be treated because of your past experience and places you have been too, then give us a chance and you will be glad you did within a short space of time, but mind you that our approach to health issues is different, we look beyond physical illness and look at the complete analysis of the person condition because we know that the root cause of a physical sickness may not be physical, and that is because our ultimate goal is to treat the person holistically. So I assure you that once the root cause of your issue is detected, the issue will be solved. You don’t need to travel abroad for medical check-ups or health issues. We’ve get you covered.

    Thank you for reading and please stay safe