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My State Of Being

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The Goal – My ‘state of being’

 Our state of being is our overall feeling of health and wellness. It refers to how balanced we feel on all levels of our being. Whether we are happy or sad, sick or well, disconnected from spirit or not, we are either in or out of balance with whom we really are.

When we are in alignment we:

  • Experience joy in everything we do
  • Treat others with love and respect
  • Treat ourselves and our bodies with love and respect
  • Have a sense of purpose and universal service

And when we are out of alignment, we experience the exact opposite of all of these things! The goal is to harmonize your state of being so that you can effortlessly create the life that you want. Here’s how the body, mind and soul fits together…


The Whole Picture – To create my state of being

There are components of the body, mind and soul that contribute to the flow of energy at each level. And there are ‘bridging mechanisms’ which contribute to the overall balance and flow of energy between each level. In other words, there are things that we do in each moment that facilitate or go against our natural flow.

Here’s an overview: The Whole Picture: Body, Mind and Soul

  • Sleep – (Listen to your intuition) Focus, Exercise – (Posture)
  • Self – Awareness – Love, Wisdom, Universal Service – SOUL MIND BODY
  • Diet – (Listen to your body) Quiet, Environment – (Breath)


The soul is ultimately responsible for giving the body its life force. In subtle ways, it guides and directs our behavior and actions in the physical form. When the soul chooses to leave the physical body, the body perishes. The soul is driven by wisdom, love and universal service.


The next level is the mind, the interactive mechanism between the body and soul. The mind registers and filters emotion (the language of the soul) and registers nerve impulses generated by the body. The degree of communication between the body and mind, and soul and mind depends on your ability to manipulate your mind to work for you. When the mind is functioning as intended, it is self-aware, focused and quiet as required. So the mind has two choices, which is to block out sensation or to listen to it. If the mind is smart, it listens.


And finally, the body, our outer shell, is a product of both the mind and soul and how it is cared for on a daily basis. The body’s magic formula for survival – sleep, diet, environment and exercise – can be used to prolong life or shorten it. You can learn and apply ways to sustain and energise your body – it’s your choice.

How do I Create Holistic Health?

You are the creator of your own health and wellness. You have ultimate reign over the state of your body, mind and soul. There are many ways to create holistic health. Because there are so many factors that influence our state of health, it is a life-long journey to strive for better health and wellness.The quest for health and wellness is an opportunity to get closer to having the easy-going, creative, happy life that we all want. But there is a catch. In the process, you have to learn about yourself. And this is the precise reason why most people do not stay healthy or achieve holistic health.Health is one of the greatest blessings that God has bestowed on mankind. We should know that the greatest blessing after belief is health. Health is a favour that we take for granted. We should be grateful to God for giving us health, and we should try our utmost best to take care of it, and to preserve this blessing can only be achieved through taking good care of one’s health and taking every measure to maintain and enhance it. With this in mind everybody should make sure they undertake all necessary actions which are conducive to the preservation of good health. Healthy living is part and parcel of our life.