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What Makes Us Healthy In Holistic Medicine

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What makes us healthy in holistic medicine?  

There are four levels of being that make us healthy! In holistic healing, we talk about the four levels of bodies or planes of being which is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Our bodies radiate these four levels of being in the form of energy.  

These levels reflect the different aspects of ourselves that operate interdependently; when one level is affected, one or more other levels are also affected. For example, when a change occurs on an emotional level, a reaction occurs on the physical level and vice versa.

This is why in holistic medicine, the state of our emotional body is known to positively or negatively influences our physical health. This sequence reaction effect is how holistic healing works.

How do we get out of stability?

when we encounter life situations – events, people, places – they challenge us on at least one of these levels, physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. For example: On an emotional level…When we handle life well, we confront these challenges, learn from them and move on. When we don’t handle life so well, we resist these challenges and they become subconscious blockages.

On a physical level…When we input natural, health-giving enzymes and nutrients into our bodies, they respond with strength and vitality. When we intake toxins and chemicals directly or indirectly, our bodies become dysfunctional and weak.

Over time, each small thing that the body, mind or soul resists accumulates and we get further and further from our natural state of alignment.

This is why… When all four levels are in equilibrium, we are happy and healthy.

When there is a blockage on one or more levels, we become out of equilibrium and in time we become unhappy and unhealthy. The discomfort of being out of alignment acts as an impetus (drive) to change.

How do we get back into stability?

Holistic healing has two goals:

  1. To balance each level; and
  2. To balance all levels with each other.

The first goal is where we focus our efforts simply because the second happens naturally when all levels are individually balanced. In the absence of resistance, imbalance on any level will naturally seek and return to balance. Once all levels are balanced, wholeness is achieved.

A True Holistic Approach to Health

A true holistic physician takes a holistic approach to health. For example, if a patient is experiencing depression, the physician would focus on all aspects of the person’s life – not just on the symptoms of depression and how to ease or get rid of it alone. But also, how is the person’s diet and exercise? What else is going on in the person’s life, apartment and school fees problems, has the person experienced or witnessed traumatic events, such as physical abuse, etc. Does the person have a supportive family and friends? What about community supports, such as employment opportunities, affordable housing, etc?

The continuous process of healing – When we are out of equilibrium, we naturally seek to return to our natural state of equilibrium.

The approach that is used to achieve stability in holistic healing is purification – purification on all levels of being. A pure state of being means that energy flows freely through all the systems without blockages or resistance. With time, we become more refined filters of energy, more sensitive to imbalances and more able to correct them at will.

In practice, a balanced lifestyle is what we are aiming for. Most of us tend to live with at least one level out of balance at any given time.

Sometimes we are out of balance on all levels while at other times; we are functioning at our best in total balance. We can only get back into equilibrium by holistic approach.

Balanced vs Unbalanced Lifestyle Factors


  • PHYSICAL – Varied exercise. Healthy natural environment, Nutritious eating/supplement and optimal sleep.
  • EMOTIONAL – Negative feelings pass quickly, Feeling of peace and gratitude about the past, Willingness to forgive.
  • MENTAL – Positive outlook on life, Loving thoughts towards self and others, sees the higher perspectives.
  • SPIRITUAL – Strong spiritual connection, Sense of universal services, Clear life purpose, Good karma.


  • PHYSICAL – Physical inactive, Toxic physical environment, Unhealthy eating, Smoking, drunkenness, drugging.
  • EMOTIONAL – Unhealed emotional wounds from the past, Feelings of anger & sorrow, unresolved relationships.
  • Mental – Negative outlook on life, Destructive thoughts about self and others, Sees the lower perspective.
  • SPIRITUAL – Negative or no spiritual connection, Lack of life purpose, Negative thinking about the future.

The Whole Picture: Body, Mind and Soul – How does body, mind and soul fit together?

The body, mind and soul work as a system of energy. We connect our body, mind and soul to keep energy flowing within us. This energy flow can be abundant or restricted, depending on our ‘state of being’ in each moment and it changes constantly.