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How Do I Know I Am Ready To Heal

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The Path to Holistic Healing – How do I know that I am ready to be healed?

Healing in actual fact is about change. Change has to occur on all levels of our being in order to be considered a holistic healing process. Healing requires lasting physical changes, lifestyle changes, changes in our beliefs and attitudes and changes in our awareness.

Have you ever wondered why some people become so brilliant at ‘change’?

Change is a process born from desire. Desire is more than just wanting something. A true desire is fueled by passion and willingness to go beyond your comfort zone to get what you want.

When you desire something it’s important to know why. In this case, be honest, why do you want to be healed?  Some people want to be physically healed because they feel guilty for burdening others, or to cover up the true feelings behind their illness. There are two things to remember about desire:

  1. Your desire needs to be your own, of your own volition, for yourself, regardless of anybody else’s presence or influence in your life; and
  2. You need to feel good about your desire. If it’s born from guilt or you judge it to be bad in some way, it will not feel good and you will not get a good result.

Based on your desire, you make a choice to pursue the desire or not. If your desire is pure and fuelled by passion, not fear, you will find the choice to proceed is simple. If you have trouble making a choice, take a harder look at your desire for change.

  • You have all the available knowledge about your physical condition: its physical causes, influencing factors and viable treatments.
  • You have already taken physical action in relation to your holistic healing process. This may be in the form of medical or other treatment, choosing a physical lifestyle conducive to healing or other changes in your physical circumstances that may inhibit your healing process.
  • You know you need to change your beliefs and attitudes.
  • You are willing to change specific behaviours that do not uphold an optimal state of health.
  • You are prepared to change how you handle your feelings.
  • You have chosen to be a ‘person of today’, here and now, and not of the past.
  • You are willing to ask for assistance or support when you need it.
  • You know you have the power to heal yourself. You are prepared to use the power of your soul to create your health.
  • You have refocused your life and lifestyle towards health and healing.
  • You see your state of health as an opportunity for growth and learning. You accept that it was necessary to bring your attention to aspects of yourself that require holistic healing.
  • You are willing to find the root cause of your physical condition by exploring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.The Pre-Holistic Healing Checklist – Am I ready to commence?You will know that you are ready to commence your holistic healing journey (in fact, you already have!) once you can complete this checklist: